The main competence of BOTTOM ROW certainly lies in the sector Artist Management.

Here we can refer on to a period of more than 20 years, in which we have successfully built up and supported numerous Rock and Pop Artists signed with major labels as well as independent labels.

Our service includes all aspects of a professional artist maintenance:

  • the search for suitable and appropriate industry-partners
  • definition of presentation, respectively of an image concept
  • planning, cost-optimisation, arrangement of music productions
  • contract negotiations with record labels, producers, publishers, agents, etc.
  • consultation on the design of an individual marketing strategy
  • controlling of contractual terms and license settlements, accounting
  • communication port between the artist and all business partners.

All of these steps are obtained in close communication with the artist and will be put into reality in accordance to his individual idea.

Of course, it is possible to only claim a part of our service-package, for example, the search for a record deal and/or business affairs.

You are always welcome to meet with us to personally discuss the most suitable solution.

The consideration of giving away a part of their income often keeps young and inexperienced artists away from hiring a professional management. A good management nevertheless should be able to negotiate a distinctively better deal for the artist, so that his costs are extinguished rapidly.

Further must be added, that through solid management work the sales of sound carriers and concert tickets will increase, which in return raises the artists income.

Due to its expert knowledge a professional management will additionally be able to generate income for its artist from sources and situations, which are not obvious to uninitiated persons.

Finally, the artist gets to concentrate himself on to what its all about: